HARIMSA's reinvestment in technology has been one of our main policies and the bases of our philosophy. By incorporating the newest manufacturing and packaging systems, we have been able to elaborate a final product which has grown in customer appreciation. As far as distribution is concerned, our infrastructure allows us to serve orders on time and to reduce our stock to minimum levels. 

The location of HARIMSA, close to the port of Cartagena, is the key element of both our local and foreign grain supply. We always look for the most suitable grain varieties to satisfy our quality requirements. . 
Our transport fleet offers an excellent distribution service, making it possible for a just-in-time delivery of our products with all the guarantees of health. 


Constant innovation in our products is a vital part of our corporate values. Our modern and up-to-date bread making laboratory and our pilot kitchen help us develop new market proposals. 
Customers can place any orders controlling and making sure from the beginning that our raw materials pass all the required controls for their later use.  
In the same way, our highly qualified staff guarantee the efficiency and the quality of the results of the analysis that have been carried out in some product samples and their traceability, which define and determinate the grains processed and their quality.
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HARIMSA - Special flour for making bread, cake, pancakes, pizza, churros, muffins. Flour batter and organic products.

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